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If you are thinking about Medicaid planning and the future of your financial security, you may wonder how you will be able to pay for a nursing home while allowing your spouse to maintain the standard of living to which they are accustomed. You may also wonder if you have enough savings to provide for your medical or personal needs. You can make important planning decisions now to protect the future of your estate, your loved ones, and your financial security.

At Caviness Law Firm, PLLC, I offer over 15 years of experience focused on the rights and interests of my clients as they plan for their financial future.

As an experienced Medicaid planning attorney, I understand that every client faces a unique situation. You may be helping a parent or loved one, need immediate assistance for an ailing spouse, or are looking to make future decisions for your family. I will take the time to understand your unique needs.

Medicaid requires that an individual be below a certain amount of "non-exempt" assets in order to qualify for Medicaid assistance (money for housing and care). As your attorney, I can help you identify and restructure your finances to ensure that you preserve your financial security and collect benefits that you deserve. I frequently work with couples to obtain financial coverage for a spouse needing significant care while protecting the standard of living of the healthy spouse. I am an experienced Medicaid planning attorney and can assist you with all of the following: Addressing financial planning needs in advance to provide for future medical and financial needs, including long-term care. Asset restructuring and asset protection to ensure that you qualify for Medicaid assistance. Elder law issues including power of attorney and Medicaid planning to ensure that you have the financial security necessary to pay for nursing home expenses or long-term care needs. Crisis planning to address for the financial needs of a loved one who has been injured or in need of continuous care. Preparing health care directives to ensure that you receive the kind of medical care you want in the event that you should become incapacitated.

Restructuring your assets will ensure that you and your loved ones get the care needed, while maintaining your standard of living. You can protect your rights and security into the future to ensure that you and your spouse are taken care of Crisis Planning.

It is best if individuals can plan for long-term care needs before the need arises, however, I frequently assist clients when they are facing a crisis. I am experienced in helping individuals or couples when there has been a fall or medical event that has suspended the usual course or routine of the family's life. Your family may be facing the expense and care needs of a critical illness or the harsh financial reality of needing long term medical and/or housing care. While I cannot alleviate a critical health condition, I can help you and your family alleviate any financial burdens through appropriate planning devices.