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When you believe that your spouse, parent, or loved one is in need of protective care, a guardianship may be an appropriate legal solution to help you take action to safeguard their financial well-being or seek appropriate medical care. A guardian may be appointed by the court if it is proven that the person is: a danger to themselves, incompetent to care for themselves, or is facing financial abuse situations.

Many elderly persons do not realize that they are unable to care for themselves or are at risk of financial abuse. If you are concerned about an ailing parent or relative, you can take action to secure a guardianship to secure their financial well-being and health.

At Caviness Law Firm, PLLC, I have over 15 years of experience in guardianship and can help you in taking legal action to protect a loved one. If you are seeking guardianship, I can assist you in collecting necessary evidence and documentation of your loved one's needs and circumstances. I understand the difficulties faced by my clients and their families and will work to resolve your matter as quickly and efficiently as possible.There are two types of guardianship: Guardian of the person (this person will make decisions regarding medical care and daily living needs) Guardian of the estate (this person handles all financial matters and is the guardian of property).

One who does both is called a "general guardian." All types of guardians have to be approved by the court in order to act as a guardian. If a family member or friend who wants to be the guardian is not approved, the court will appoint an independent guardian.

I help my clients obtain guardianship of the elderly as well as guardianship over children. For more information, contact our office to see if a guardianship is the right option for you.

A guardianship is an extreme answer to an extreme situation and for most people, it is not the first choice, but a last resort. When you pursue guardianship, you are filing a lawsuit alleging that an individual is incompetent, which can result in a lengthy and costly process. This process can damage family relationships and should not be taken lightly. If the individual wants to contest the claim and prove that they are competent, the trial can take a very long time.